House repossession is a frightening experience which many thousands of people face each year. The Stop Repossession Hull website has been created to provide you with a range of information on the house repossession process. This information will allow you to understand the repossession process. Which is essential when you are facing such a life changing event.

Stop your house repossession in Hull

House Repossession can put a huge strain on families. Avoid this today by contacting us about selling your property. We can stop evictions at any stage.

Once you have explored the site and understand the repossession process you should then decide whether your best way to avoid house repossession is by contacting Stop Repossession Hull. Unfortunately, we can not help everyone but, if there is sufficient equity in your home we can stop your repossession by purchasing your house. Typically, we offer between 90 and 60 per cent of the current market value which means that your total debt needs to be between 60 and 90 per cent of the current market value of your house.

We buy any house in any condition, do not worry whether we will buy your home, contact us and we will give you an idea of what price we can offer you for your home.
If you meet these criteria we can help you stop your house repossession up to the day before your repossession hearing. If possible, do not leave it till this stage! We also offer a service which allows you to sell your house and then rent it back at a rent which is often substantially lower than your current monthly repayments to your mortgage or loans company.
Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out how we can HELP you – 01482 961961